Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bragging Rights

Though a lot of people would like for me to brag more often, I typically don't brag.  It's not because I want to be one of those people who is falsely modest, it's because (for better or worse) I am just a modest person when it comes to my accomplishments.  However, that is changing a bit... At least for this accomplishment...

In June 2011, I decided to train for my first 5K.  Many years prior to that I had decided I wanted to participate, and complete, as a "bucket list" type of thing.  However, after my first race in October 2011 I became addicted to racing.  On Sunday, September 8th I did something I would have never imagined doing in a million years.... I finished a half marathon!

Sweat is sexy!

Race Bling


To say I'm proud of this accomplishment is an understatement.  There is still a part of me that is amazed I did it.  In the days leading up to the race I was seriously conflicted as to whether or not I should actually attempt such a thing.  I wasn't sure I was ready.  Knowing that a friend of mine who was suppose to participate in the half marathon as well had chosen to participate in the 5K instead because she didn't feel ready probably didn't help matters.  Start times were a mere 45 minutes apart and I would have been done approximately 2 - 2:10 minutes later.  It was tempted to say the least.  However, I decided to challenge myself.  I decided that I would rather attain a EPIC FAIL instead of running a race I knew I could do with no problem.  As my yoga instructor once said to us, "If you don't challenge yourself you don't change."  So, I went into my race know that there was a good chance I could fail, and I accepted that fact.  Truth of the matter is that anything could happen in any race I attempted - even the easy 5K.

When I got home, Elsie immediately stole my medal from me ... I have to say, she does look adorable with it on.  It totally suits her!

I've showing off my finishers medal to everyone and anyone who will humor me. Thankfully, pretty much everyone I know falls into that category.

I swore close to the end of the race I would NEVER... EVER do another half marathon, but that feeling didn't last long.  By Sunday evening I was online looking at upcoming half marathons, and marathons as well.  I was told by someone who has done many half and full marathons that is how it goes.  She said, while you are in the process you hate it and swear this is the last time, but afterwards you can't wait to do it again.  She couldn't be more right!

Until next time, Xo!

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