Monday, April 15, 2013

What are the odds? It's sort of a small world!

For the Thursday blog project last week, Melissa asked use to write about:  Talk about a small world situation that happened to you personally

When I was going through my divorce five years ago, the thought of crossing the ex's path was unthinkable.  Seriously, I prayed the only time I would see him was when we were in court.  The divorce process we went through wasn't easy and the last thing I wanted was to have to see him when I was out and about trying to have a decent day.  After the divorce, I crossed paths with him on several occasions within a two year period or so.  On some occasions it made sense as a good friend of mine lived in his parent's neighbor.  I wasn't about to not visit my friend in their neighborhood, but I know those visits came with the possiblitiy I would cross paths with him.  Then, one day, I didn't cross paths with him anymore.  Truthfully, it was nice thing for me.

Almost two months ago, I crossed paths with the ex again.  This time, not in my friend's/his parent's neighborhood.  Though it makes sense that we were both in this same area, it was still unexpected and it seems like the odds of us passing each other were slim to none.  Several weeks later, I saw him again.

Now, I haven't shared this with many people.  I have maybe told three people, tops, about it.  The reason being is that it wasn't THAT big of a deal - at least not to me.  However, I get why these people have made such a big deal of it - remember, it wasn't an easy divorce.

What I find most humorous about the whole "small world" encounters is that each and every person I've told about it has asked me the same thing: "Did you say anything to him?  Did he say anything to you?"  (Most recently heard this past weekend when I told my mom about it - which is the only reason I bring this up.)  The smart-ass in me replied each and every time, Oh, yeah!  We gave each other big hugs and found a place to chat for awhile. (Something that would NEVER happen.)  Then of course I'd say, "No" and explain that it was just a random passing.  What I most important about these "small world" encounters is that I was just fine - as I would expect to be at this point.

In many way I get this reaction from other.  I mean what are the odds we would cross paths in such a large metropolitan area? But I've been told before there are no accidents so apparently there is a reason for it happening.

I understand that most of this doesn't make sense if you don't know me in real life, but know that for me it means something. 

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  1. I think like you said- passing him by didn't illicit any emotions or bad feelings in you- and that's what it is all about, when it comes to healing and moving on! Awesome for you- and great post!

  2. wow...i had no idea this had happened. i'm guessing you would have told me if it truly bothered you. i have seen people who look like my ex-bf from college but in places he would never be. like once at a kosher restaurant in NYC. like he would ever go there at all! lol!