Thursday, April 18, 2013

Memories of the Happiest Place On Earth

This week for the Thursday Blog Project Susanna asked us to write about the following:  Talk about your first trip to Disney. What was your favorite ride? Is it still your favorite ride?

I only remember bits and pieces of my first trip to Disney World.  I believe it was when I was around 7 years-old (maybe add a year or so).  I remember Epcot had just opened and my parents made it a priority to make it to EVERY country in the park.  A lot of a little one as you might imagine.  We also went on the ride in Spaceship Earth which was UBER COOL as far as I was concerned!  In the main park, I have distinct memories of the Peter Pan ride and the Haunted Mansion.  How we floated on the Peter Pan ride kept me guessing and the Haunted Mansion surely freaked me out!

Another thing that freaked me out were the Disney characters walking around.  Seriously, as a kid as much as I loved Mickey and Minnie Mouse I was UBER SCARED by them.  Thankfully, it was just a phase I went through as a child and was able to have fun with it when I went back as an adult!

My last time to Disney World was in 1998.  I went there with a someone special to me and we stayed at one of the Disney resort - The Polynesian Resort to be exact.  It was nice because the resort was right off the monorail so getting around the main parks was a breeze!  We also got special passes that resort guests could purchase that allowed us to stay in the main park for an hour or two after it closed.  During this time, the most popular rides remained open.  This included Space Mountain - a ride I fell in LOVE with during this particular trip. 

Every night, we dined at a different Disney restaurant.  Can I just say - FANTASTIC food!  We also had a lot of room service for breakfast and I was getting a tad tired of the same thing every morning.... I probably should have mixed it up a bit! 

As much as I loved staying at one of the resorts, it was a bit of a distraction from spending time at the parks.  I'd like to think we balanced things out nicely, but I'm not totally sure that is the case.

Going to Disney as an adult was surely different.  The Haunted Mansion didn't scare me anymore and I didn't have to guess how the Peter Pan ride worked.  However, I tried to put myself back in a child's frame of mine so I could get the most out of my experience -- I didn't want the "Disney Magic" to be totally ruined.  The other things was that a few years prior to this trip, I actually worked at The Disney Store.  In someways, I had to totally forget all the secrets behind the "Disney Magic" that I had learned during my time working at the store.  In other ways, I think that experience enhanced the trip.

One things I have never gotten to do at Disney World is eat at Cinderella's Castle.  Hopefully, I'll go back again and get to do that. Also, I'd like to stay at another one of the resorts.  It was fun the last time and totally worth the cost. 

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but I hope I've been able to give you somewhat of a sense of my memories of "The Happiest Place On Earth".

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  1. Fun reading about your memories. Given that you worked at the Disney Store, you will acknowledge the existence of the Disney vault, right? :)