Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Bottomless Pit of Junk

This week for the Thursday Blog Project, Susanna asked us to take a look into our purse and figure out: What is in your purse? Empty out you bag, did you find anything surprising? What does this say about you?

A HUGE thank you to Susanna for having us do this!  I've been wanting (meaning) to clean out my purse for sometime, but alas I haven't.  However, knowing what we were suppose to write about for today, I FINALLY took the time to clean out my purse.

After I removed what seemed like an endless amount of receipts and unused Kleenex (man that makes me feel like I'm a grandma or something),  I found some things that surprised me...

First off, apparently I have more cosmetics than I profess to have.  In my purse was three tubes of lip gloss (all the same color).  Now it's not a coincidence that I have three of them.  The color is a really good color on me and when I got a Sephora gift certificate for my bday this past November I figured this was my chance to stock up... ya know, just in case of a zombie apocalypses, or something like that.  However, I also have two chap sticks in my purse, a tube of mascara and some facial powder.

As I cleaned out my purse I also found the faceplate and remote to my car radio.  I wasn't surprised by this discovery.  Since I almost always have my purse with me in the car it makes sense that I drop these items in my purse before I exit.  I can't imagine another place I'd put them.

Other things to pop-up during this great purge are miscellaneous items like stamps and spare change.  Oh, next to receipts I also keep a lot of pens in my purse - apparently.  Apple product power cords seem to be another staple in my purse.  I'm not totally surprised about this considering my radio has a USB port I can connect my phone to.  I never carried this in my purse prior to getting the new radio though. 

Since my purse is somewhat large, I carry a lot of books in my purse.  I appreciate that the size of the purse allows me to do this, but at the same time when my purse is filled to the brim (which books typically cause it to be) I don't like the way it looks.

At the end of the day, I love purses.  Whether it's a conservative one (like my recent acquisition) or a fun one (like my seat belt bags) purses are one of the things I like about being a women.  It's just another way I get to show the world of a piece of my personality.

Now that I've talked a bit about what is in my purse, please take a moment to see what my fellow bloggers have in their purses...

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  1. Interesting finds in your purse, like the power cords and books!!! Great post!

  2. Fun post. I wrote mine before looking at yours and found it funny that we both mentioned wanting an excuse to clean our purses and how we're like grandmas. Psychic! :)