Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Book Review: Baby Proof, plus a giveaway

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 I first discovered Emily Giffin's books about six months before her third novel was published.  In some ways, the timing couldn't have been more perfect.  I had just finished falling in love with Rachel, Darcy and Dex and knowing there was another novel to continue my infatuation with Emily's writing was perfect since couldn't get enough of it.  However, in some ways I was a bit concerned.  After reading Something Borrowed, I at least had an attachment to and a vested interest in the characters in Something Blue; however, this time I would be venturing into a whole new world.  What if I didn't like the characters this time?  What if the storyline didn't interest me?  What if I didn't want to finish the book?

Thankfully, all my worries were put to rest rather quickly once I started reading Baby Proof.  In some ways I related to the central theme of the story - what happens when someone changes their mind on a significant life decision?  In other ways I couldn't.

From the very start of their relationship, Claudia and Ben agreed they didn't want to have children.  However, one day one of them has a change of heart, which significantly changes everything for them as a couple.  Suddenly, they have to figure out what this means for the future of their marriage.  Does true love conquer all?  Or, are some matters just too big to overcome?

From the get-go, I could tell these two characters really were in love.  So, when the bomb drops that one of them changes their mind about having children I immediately wanted to scream, "NOOOO!!!! How could you do that?" (Like these were real people who could hear me.)  From that point forward, I anxiously awaited every twist and turn this story had to offer.  I panicked that true love wouldn't prevail like it does in many of my favorite movies, TV shows and novels.

When all is said and done, I like how this story was tied together.   Additionally, I liked how the characters evolved over the course of story.  Part of me was satisfied with the "ending"; the other side not so much because Emily does end the story with some uncertainties about the future of these the characters.  At first I wasn't so thrilled with the latter, but then realized that that it made the story authentic.  The uncertainty of these character's future mirror the uncertain future we all face in real life.  Hopefully, Emily will bring back Claudia and Ben in one of her future novels, like she brings back a Something Borrowed/Something Blue character in this one.

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  1. No, true love does not conquer all. It would be nice if it did, but sometimes there are things out of one's control that keep people from being with the person they love.

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  2. Thats a tough question. I'd like to think that it does. Thanks for the giveaway!!
    Ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Unfortunately, the answer is no. But I'd like to believe that it does!

    gleamofdawn3 (at) yahoo (dot) ca

  4. Nobiput I wish so! :/
    Sudhamalee AT hotmail DOT com

  5. I'd like to think so but when life challenges you, there can be some rough patches! Thanks!
    saltsnmore at yahoo dot com

  6. When I was 25, I thought it did. Now that I'm 50, I know it does not. That makes me older, wiser, but not really happier. :(

    jcsites2002 at hotmail dot com

  7. I don't think it conquers all. If you just believe that it does, and do nothing to make your marriage or relationship work, it's not going to work. But sadly, even couples who are in love and work at their relationship don't always make it :(

  8. I think that it does. If it is really true love that is. A lot of people think that they have true love but you don't really know until you have it that you might have been mistaken about it before. (If that makes sense)

  9. Yes true love does conquer all! But most people fail to see true love is not the instant attraction, roses and glitz that fairy tales make it out to be. When you find the right person you feel all is right in the world, even through life's hardest challenges!

  10. No true loves doesn't conquer all. It is what makes all the other stuff worth getting through.

  11. I think it can if it is really true love : I think sometimes nowadays people get in and get out too easily...instead of doing the work.