Saturday, September 29, 2012

Taking the Ride Down

Despite the many, many, many times I've taken the elevator in my building down, it wasn't until this afternoon that I ever had a conversation with another passenger that got me thinking so much.

It's been far and few between that I've ever shared an elevator ride to the main floor of my building.  Though there are many units in my building, somehow, someway I mostly catch one and am solo for the duration of the trip. It is for this reason that whenever the elevator stops I just assume I've arrived on the main floor and make my way out.  This assumption of course backfires on me when the elevator actually stops on a different floor other than the main floor.

On the rare occasions that I am on a ride that stops prior to the main floor, upon realizing I haven't arrived at my destination I step back into the elevator and let the individuals on that floor step in as well.  Then I apologize explaining that I thought I was already on the main floor of the building.  Today when I did that, the woman who got on the elevator said to me, "That's ok.  I totally understand."  After a brief pause she continued, "Actually, isn't it funny.  We ride up with all these people, but hardly ever ride down with many."  I thought about what she said for a minute and replied, "Yeah, you have a good point."  Not that much long, we arrived on the main floor and the doors opened.  I told her to go first and we parted ways.

As I made my way to my car, I couldn't stop thinking about what this random stranger said.  I started to think about her word beyond their original intent.  I got to thinking about how life is somewhat like an elevator ride.  Many people are willing to come along for the ride with you when things are heading upwards; however, when you're taking the ride down, the elevator often is less crowded.  (Or at least that has been my experience.)

In this end, this random encounter made me take pause and think about all the people in my life who have chosen to be on the elevator regardless of what direction is going.  I am truly thankful for them, and always will be.

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