Friday, September 28, 2012

In the Coming Month

This week, for the Thursday Blog Project, Susanna asked us all to take inventory of our goals for the coming month.

This is probably actually a good thing for me to do since the list of things I need to do is every changing and seems to have things added to it everyday.

Book Reviews: 
I have at least two book reviews that will be published this coming month which means I need to write two book reviews.

I have two races coming up in the next month.  My goals is to train more.  I haven't been training like I did last year.

I have a new blog that has been sitting domant since July.  I really need to start doing more with it!

Travel Preparation:
I need to prepare for the possibility of international travel in 2013.  I keep putting this off and I promised myself that I would tackle it this coming month.

There is some travel, closer to home, that I'm hoping to do too.

I have a bunch of knitting projects to complete.  Mostly gifts which means not a lot of things for me.

I'm sure there is more that I need to get accomplished by the end, but it's nice to have a list started.

Please take a moment to read what my fellow bloggers have on their to-do list next month...

Merryland Girl (Melissa)

Mom of Many (Susanna)

Momarock (Sara)

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