Friday, July 6, 2012

What Would You Take?

For this week's Thursday blog project, Susanna asked us the following question: In light of all the fires and other natural disasters, if you had to evacuate you home, what would you take with you and why? If your home was destroyed what would you miss most?

This past weekend I had to flee my place due to a power outage. It was not a situation where I knew whatever I left behind would be destroyed. (I'm VERY thankful for that.) It was, however, a situation that not only made me think about my own well being, but the well being of my cat, Elsie. Also, it got me thinking of "what if" scenarios (even before Susanna gave us our topic).

In the event of having to evacuate for a natural disaster, assuming all living being were safe and sound, I'd bring the following items:

• Drivers license, health insurance card, credit cards, etc.

• Physical copies of important documents that I may need and cannot be obtain easily.

• Laptop (Or some other way to get to important documents that don't have physical copies and I'd prefer not to access on a public computer.)

• Photos. (I'm a sentimental person and if I could grad at least a few photos from years ago I would.)

• Clothing and basic toiletries.

The one thing I really want to put on this list is something I know I wouldn't be able to take with me - my grandmother's cedar chest. If there were someway I could get this particular piece of furniture out in the event of disaster that would ruin everything in my home that would be it.

I've sat for a long time trying to wrap my head around this question as I did a few years ago when the home of a friend of mine burned down. She had to start from scratch. When they rebuilt their home, they made the floor plan exactly as it had been prior to the fire. She would tell us it was eery and had hoped her parents would have done things a little different to make it new.

Again, I don't know. Seeing my friend go through what she did made me even more thankfully that what I experienced this past weekend was just a power outage (and one that didn't really last THAT long.) Honestly, I hope to never know or need to use such a evacuation plan as this topic asks us to think about, but at the very least I hope this gets all that read this post thinking about what they would take in case they would take in the event of a natural disaster.


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  1. That's sad about your friend's house. I could imagine it being hard to start from scratch.