Thursday, July 26, 2012

Somethings Never Change, and Somethings Do

This questions has been haunting me ever since Melissa gave us our topic for this week's Thursday Blog project: Tell us what you were like as a little kid: quirks, fears, interests, hobbies, passions, etc.

It is my general belief that you should go with your first instinct when it comes to be basically anything you do. If that were the case, than all you'd get today is the following: "I am exactly the same today as I was as a kid." However, upon further examination, I am not.

First and foremost, I wasn't a athletic type as a kid like I am now. Running was the LAST thing I wanted to do. I hated running. Hated. Hated. Hated. It was a necessary evil that I had to do for gym class. I did enjoy riding my bike, which is something I really don't enjoy now. I did, however, walk a lot which is something I still like to do as an adult. Actually, if I'm going somewhere I can walk to in a reasonable amount of time I will do so instead of taking my car. This is weather permitting of course!

As a kid I enjoyed activities that were creative in nature - dance, art, music. This is something about me that hasn't changed. I still enjoy all those things, just in different ways now. Instead of taking dance classes like I did for years as a kid, these days I would go see a dance company perform. Going to the theater is another thing I enjoy as an adult. The summer before my Bat Mitzvah, I went to a theater camp. In Jr. High and High School I was on prop crew as well. In the 4th grade my Auntie taught me how to knit. Though I didn't take it up as a regular hobby until 2007, it was my first exposure to the crafting. In elementary school I always looked forward to Art class, even though I wasn't a master artist. Music class was another favorite of mine. I was always part of some choir throughout my first 12 years of schooling. These days, the only places I can be heard singing are the shower and my car.

In some ways from a personality perspective I am the same now as I was as a child. Quiet and introverted in some situations; loud and outgoing in others. Many people don't believe that I'm a shy person. I always have been shy. As an adult I have learned to force myself to be more outgoing so I can thrive in situations that require such a personality. I believe my social circles are the same as they were as a child. I have a group of people I consider my close friends (so much so I consider them family) and then there are those that I know, but are more like acquaintances/basic friends.

As time has gone on my fears have evolved, yet some have stayed the same. One thing that has changed when it comes to fear is how I mange it. As an adult, I have a tendency to face my fears head-on vs. running away from them.

Upon further examination, I believe as a kid I was different in someway, but overall some key traits have stayed the same.

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  1. i remember going to your dance recitals! :)

    i had fun learning more about what you were like as a kid. i hated gym class too!

  2. It's neat to hear about how your personality was when you were a kid. :)