Thursday, July 12, 2012

It Will Always be the Ideal Place to Live

For this week's Thursday blog project, I asked the group to write about someone they romanticize.

Last weekend I participated in my sixth 5k race. To date, I am halfway to my goal of completing 12 5k races in 2012.

Normally, when I chose which races I do so based upon the cause that it is supporting. Race fees aren't cheap and I want my money to go to a cause I believe in; however, this race was chosen for a different reason. The particular race wasn't to support a cause, it was part of a local area's summer festival's activities. An area which I happen to moved to 10 years prior this past March.

Now, I haven't lived in this neighborhood for sometime. In the years that would follow (and even until this day) I always compared subsequent residences to this particular one. Even when I lived in a beautiful, new townhouse I still held affection for this particular unit.

As I was running the race I thought about the two years I lived in the condo I rented. It was during this stroll down memory lane that I came to realize how much I really romanticized the time I spent there. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice place for what it was. An older building with a total of 32 units divided amongst four buildings. Each building was connected to one other via the basement area which had a washer/dryer and a row of nicely sized storage units. Each floor had only four units and the silence that this building and neighborhood afforded me was truly amazing.

The interior of my particular unit was nothing special, but I used to redesign it in my mind whenever I would daydream about possibly buying it from my landlord. I would put in a small dishwasher because it didn't have one and that was the place in which I learned how many dishes one person really could produce. I'd also put in some sort of divider that opened and closed in the open area in front of the sink that faced the dining room. Though I loved having the openness on a day-to-day basis, when I entertained I wanted to not expose my guests to mess that was going in the kitchen.

I loved being within walking distance of the downtown area, but also having the quietness of a residential area. I loved that there was a shopping center just around the corner. The Ace Hardware was very convenient and saved me on many occasions when I had an immediate home repair need.

It was the first time I had lived on my own. Up until that point I had always lived with someone. I even went in to living on my own reluctantly. I wanted a roommate and I tried to find out without success. As it turned out, living alone became a luxury and something I cherished.

As I following the race route I went through neighborhoods I had walked many times over. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be running through them one day. As with my walks I thought of all the things this neighborhood, and the place I lived, meant to me and why I looked upon it with such fondness. At the time I had moved in I was rebuilding and that life looked really good from the rear-view mirror I now possess. But that is when I realized that part of the reason I look back with rose colored glasses on that place, and neighbor, isn't necessarily because it was the only awesome place to live. I think in some ways it has to do with the fact of what it represents to me in the grand scheme of things.

I left my ideal location because my landlord didn't want to sell me the unit and I was ready to buy a home. I tried buying the unit above me, but that experience is a story all of its own. Though there were things I liked about the condo I would buy, I didn't like the building and there were a lot of things that ended up being a mess. My townhouse was nice, but it wasn't by any means a happy home. And now, well... I have a nice place and love my neighborhood, but in my heart I know it's going to be time to leave soon. In someways, I think where I am has been a transitional location and my transition has been done for some time. I'm ready again to find the place, like my old unit that I romanticize where I can plant some roots and really call home. I'm not sure where that is or when I'll get there, but I sure looking forward to finding out.


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  1. Great post! I totally remember that apartment. I still picture it in my head for anyplace else you live, even though you haven't been there in years. It was a cute place and you did a lot to really make it yours. I remember how comfy that sectional was too. :)