Thursday, June 28, 2012

As Many States as Possible

This week for the Thursday Blog Project, Melissa asked us to write about the following: "America" Since July 4th is coming up the following week (but the next post will be after the holiday), I thought we could write about anything to do with America. Favorite places to go, favorite songs about America, what makes you American/how living in America has affected your personality, favorite presidents, etc. anything goes!

When I first started running I learned that my middle brother A, who also runs, had a goal to run in all 50 states. I found this goal to be funny, but in some way I understood it.

While I was in Michigan, I ran along the lakeshore. (Not as much as I would have liked, but I still ran. Also, it was amazing getting to run amongst such a beautiful backdrop.) Anyhow... While I was running I thought about A and his goal to run in every state. It made me smile. Then it made me realize that I have now ran in two states - Michigan and Illinois. This started me thinking...

I started thinking about making it a goal to see how many states I could run in. I'm not sure I'll get all 50 states, but it would be fun to see how many I could get to over the years. Also, it might give me the nudge I need to visit states I haven't been to yet.

So, I guess only time will tell how many states I run in, but it's sure fun to think of all the places I could visit as part of this type of goal. It would be a great way to see America.


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  1. I sent you the one about the run in September. Hope you can come out here for that and spend time with us too! :)

  2. Yep, saw that e-mail and am seriously considering it. :)

  3. Well, you and I need to run together in Nebraska, and then in Illinois, so we can each cross another state off our list! :)