Monday, May 21, 2012

Pack .... Pack.... Pack...

For last week's Thursday Blog project I asked everyone to write about the type of traveler they were.

I love to travel, however there is a lot preparation that is involved for travel which can be take on a whole life of its own. Though I love planning things, getting ready for a trip has some parts that make me feel a bit of angst.

Recently, I slipped away for a weekend trip to Michigan. It's a relatively quick car trip, but it still requires a good portion of preparation....

Let's start with the fact that this was my first car trip in my car which meant not only did I have the "usual" stuff for me to think abut, but I also had to make sure my car was ready to make the journey. This involved a thorough cabin and trunk cleaning, oil and windshield wiper change, and getting the tire pressure checked.

On this trip I had several stops. A yarn acquisition for a friend, dropping off a gift with for a friend and their coworkers, and visiting a few other shops along the route to my final destination. One would think that planning all the starts and stops would be the most difficult part of this journey, but it wasn't. (It was actually the easiest part.) Thanks to Google Maps I was able to drop in the addresses for all these destinations and away I went! Also, I had the comfort of know the GPS app on my iPad would allow me to figure out how I messed up when it became obvious to me that I had taken a wrong turn, or completely passed my destination a mile two later. (This was inevitable.) All that said, I knew approximately how long it would take, and when I wanted to arrive so I set my alarm clock to wake me up at a particular time so I would be sure to be on schedule.

This particular trip also required me to bring a few extras that I don't normally bring on trips so taped a check list of all the things I need to take with me to the main entrance of my place. There was no way I was leaving without everything I absolutely needed to have with me.

• Gift for my friend and their coworkers - CHECK!
• Knitting - CHECK!
• Camera - CHECK!

You get the picture, right?

So far you might not understand why I say traveling involves angst. Well, my main source of my stress is packing. I HATE packing. No matter how many times I travel I seem to always bring more than I really need for the trip. The process first starts with me taking just enough for the length of time I'm going to be away. Then, all the "what if's" start flooding my mind... .

• What if the weather isn't as predicted?

• What if I go out to a more formal place to eat?

• What if I want don't want to wear sandals the whole time?

I found planning to for vacation runs just adds more to my luggage....

• Running shoes and socks - CHECK!

• Running pants for cold and warm weather - CHECK!

• T-shirts and jackets to wear while running - CHECK!

All this causes me to put off packing until the VERY LAST MINUTE. Most of the time this means late evening the night before I'm suppose to leave. For my road trip to MI I put my suitcase in my car the night before only to find the next day I needed wanted to bring a few more items. (Sigh)

All in all, I think my travel habits are getting much better as time goes on, and I deal with the extra things to take of quite well despite any stress they may cause me. I was definitely WAY more organized this time around than I have been in the past. Hopefully one day I'll be a totally savvy traveler, and all this will be as common to me as getting ready for work on any given work day.

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