Sunday, May 6, 2012

Must Have Music

This week for the Thursday Blog Project, Melissa ask us too: What are the top 10 songs that are "must-haves" on your playlist?

This topic is a bit timely as I was thinking about the other day how this time last year I posted on my other blog daily about various songs I like or had a special meaning for me. I've been thinking about how in some cases the music I listen to now has changed, and in other cases it hasn't.

With that in mind, the list below are some of my favorite songs - ever! (In no particular order.)

"Lose Yourself" by Eminem

Since this blog is relatively new, I may have not gone on and on and on about how much I LOVE this song. It's been a favorite of mine since it was released almost 10 years ago.

Aside from the fact that is has a great beat, what I LOVE most about the song is that it has an even better message. It's my "go to" song when I need inspiration to keep on keepin' on.

"Survivor" by Destiny's Child.

The song title and lyrics say it all.

"Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson

Another song where the title and lyrics speak for me.

"Kodachrome" by Paul Simon

This is one of my "happy songs." Seriously don't know how you can be sad listening to this song. Especially since it was used in the 1993 movie, "Coneheads".

It has such a whimsical feel about it.

"She's Always A Woman" by Billy Joel

This is a beautiful song!

I'm not sure if this song was inspired by someone in particular, but I have to believe it was because there is so much love that comes through in the lyrics.

"Killer Queen" by Queen

I was tempted to put down "We Are The Champions" for my Queen song, but as I was typing that out I realized it wasn't one of my all time favorites because I really liked the song THAT much. I mainly like that song because of the association it has with various high school related events.

I like "Killer Queen" for it's melody.

"Little Bitty" by Alan Jackson

Yes, I'm letting a country song enter the mix!

This song is just so delightful! Aside from the fast-paced beat and sweet lyrics, when I listen to this song I think back to my years living in Texas. I mainly remember how much I enjoyed Country Western dancing.

"Let's Hear It For The Boy" by Denience Williams.

All I will say about this song is.... How could you NOT want to get up and dance when this song is playing?

This song has been a favorite of mine since I was a child and I saw it playing in the movie "Footloose".

"A Groovy Kind Of Love" by Phil Collins

There is one simple reason why I love this song.... It was the last song I remember dancing to with my dad. I have a picture of that dance that my aunt took. That picture has gotten a bit beaten up over the years, but every time I look at it I recall that dance and this song.

"Jump" by Flo Rida

This is one of my favorite running songs.

Now that I've shared songs that are on my "must have" playlist, please take a moment to read what songs my fellow bloggers "must have" on their play lists:

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