Monday, April 9, 2012

Glass Half Empty Froggie (Extinct)

This week for the Thursday Blog Group topic, Melissa ask us to write about the following: There's an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" where they all go to the Museum of Natural History. There's one point where Lily finds herself talking to an exhibit called "College Marshall," who is now extinct, since he's married and working in the corporate world of NY. It got me thinking....what part of YOUR personality is now extinct?

Recently, I watch all the seasons of "How I Met Your Mother" and this particular story line was the one that stuck out the most for me. With all the changes I've gone through over the past year (or even four years for that matter) it's hard for me not to think about the parts of me that have changed significantly.

Of the things that sticks out to me, it's the change I've had in life in general. For a period of time I was very much a "glass half empty" kind of person. I complained a lot and really didn't see things in a positive way. I'd say in the beginning of this period of my life the individuals I was spending time with greatly influenced me. However, as time went on there were events in my life that added to this negativity. It just didn't seem like things would get better for me and as a result I continued to see that things would help make things change for the better.

My "glass half empty" mindset changed somewhere in the past year. I often attribute this change to applying to law school. It was something I had talked about for YEARS, but never took action on. After the initial application process was finished I began doing other things I had talked about doing for years -- like training to run a 5k.

Most recently, I added to this by specifically focusing on the positive things in my life. The most important of these positive things are the great people I have in my life. It always feels cliche when I say it, but I have truly lucky and blessed to have some great people in my life. I hope I never forget how truly funny, interesting and caring these individuals are. When you have people like this in your world it makes ALL the difference.

There is one more thing I've done to eliminate my "glass half empty" mindset, but I will talk more about that on my Wednesday post.

Before I end this entry, I want to say just because my mindset has changed, it doesn't mean that negativity doesn't sink into my mind periodically -- it does. I think when it does it's more out of frustration with things going on at that specific moment in time. What I have found with this is that the amount of time I stay negative is less than it use to be. I also remember that it is ok to have the feelings that cause the negativity -- no one can be happy ALL the time.

There are many parts of my personality that are extinct. As time passes, and things in my life change it's only normal. Right now, this is the part of my personality that I am most happy to say is no longer around.

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  1. i've definitely noticed this about you in general and am thrilled that you've come out of the negative mindset. :)